Eric LaBouchere



Chef Eric Labouchere was born in Sydney, N.S.W. Australia, but at an early age he moved to Europe with his family to live outside Brussels, Belgium to be closer to his grandfather at his country home near Paris. There he got his first glimpses of quaint country cafes and the night life of Parisian Bistros, memories that would guide him towards his career and pursuit of the mastery of the culinary arts.

In the late 1970's he would again move, this time to New England, where he began his 20 year career, working from the beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to the green mountain towns of Vermont. After which he attended the University of Denver to further his research into Hotel & Restaurant Management. Chef Eric quickly departed Denver to Hyde Park, New York to pursue a degree at the Culinary Institute of America. Soon he began travelling the United States in search of regional foods to add to his ever growing gastronomic arsenal.

His first stop was the low country of South Carolina, where he immersed himself in southern coastal cuisine, next to the Pacific Northwest, "working as a cook for a spell." While in Oregon, he received a letter from an old friend asking him to return to the Carolinas to partner in a historical Inn & Restaurant outside of Asheville in the Smokey Mountains. After a couple of prosperous years spending time between Appalachia & yearly vacations to New Orleans for Jazz Fest, he decided to make his permanent home in the Big Easy. In New Orleans, he would then fully take his years of culinary travels to the award winning uptown Martinique Bistro, curating a blend of his European heritage, time in the low country & local Louisianan cuisine to this iconic bistro.