Kyle Knall

Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer
Kyle Knall

Kenton's Restaurant, New Orleans

At age 18, Kyle secured a position with the legendary chef Frank Stitt and worked in the kitchens at both of Mr. Stitt's restaurants, Highlands and Chez Fonfon.  Here, Kyle was inspired by the emphasis on care for sourcing the finest ingredients to create dishes that were both fresh and rooted in classic technique. At the age of 20, Frank promoted Kyle to Sous Chef.

Two years later, Kyle moved to New York City and began a 4 and a half year journey at Gramercy Tavern during which Kyle worked every station and was promoted to Sous Chef for the last 2 years of his tenure.

Kyle had imagined he would continue at Gramercy for several more years, but fate intervened when Sean Josephs, the owner of Maysville was looking for an Executive Chef to open an American whiskey bar and restaurant in the Flatiron.  A mutual friend of Sean and Kyle's, who had worked with both of them, recommended Kyle for the position.  A meeting at Maysville, which was in the early stages of construction, lead to a tasting and Kyle was offered and accepted the position. Maysville opened November 10th of 2012 and was awarded 2 stars from the New York Times and New York Magazine in addition to many other glowing reviews and accolades.  Pete Wells of the New York times wrote that over the course of his meals he "came to know the cooking of Maysville’s chef, Kyle Knall, whose understated American style is a winning blend of the refined and the unpretentious" an apt statement that embodies the beliefs of his mentors.

Three years following Kyle along with Sean Josephs and his wife Mani Dawes opened Kenton’s Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana in October of 2015. Brett Anderson of The Times Picayune awarded Kenton’s with 4 Beans. New Orleans Magazine named Kenton’s “Best New Restaurant” in June of 2016. Kyle currently is the Executive chef and managing partner of Maysville and Kenton’s Restaurant.

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