Backstage Boudin Broadcast: Meet the Chefs

Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer

We're back this year with the Backstage Boudin Broadcast! We'll be featuring some fun facts from this year's newest additions to the Boudin, Bourbon & Beer lineup. Meet the chefs below!

Backstage Boudin Broadcast: Meet the Chefs

Today’s "Backstage Boudin Broadcast,” features two New Orleans' chefs! Chef Eric Labouchere of Martinique Bistro and Chef Nat Carrier of Dick & Jenny’s will be collaborating together this year on a boudin-inspired dish at Boudin, Bourbon & Beer. Check out their quickfire interviews below.


Name: Eric Labouchere & Nat Carrier

Restaurant: Martinique Bistro & Dick and Jenny’s

Years participating: 2nd

Can you tell us what you’re cooking this year:  "We are partnering together to do something really fun inspired by our restaurant owners new connections in Houma"

What are you most excited about this year: “The growth of the event. We loved to see the incredible array of options that all the chefs made last year. The chefs really bring it with their dishes and I know this year will be even better.”

Favorite Ethnic Cuisine & where do you get it?

Nat- “Right now I love Mexican at my buddy Dave’s place, Del Fuego on Magazine Street”

Eric- “Noodle & Pie down the block”



You can find more information about Chefs Eric & Nat on their bio pages! And don’t forget to get your tickets to Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s Boudin, Bourbon & Beer at

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Champions Square
New Orleans
6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
This event is for adults 21+