Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer
Backstage Boudin Broadcast: Meet the Chefs

Today’s "Backstage Boudin Broadcast,” features two New Orleans' chefs! Chef Eric Labouchere of Martinique Bistro and Chef Nat Carrier of Dick & Jenny’s will be collaborating together this year on a boudin-inspired dish at Boudin, Bourbon & Beer. Check out their quickfire interviews below.


Name: Eric Labouchere & Nat Carrier

Restaurant: Martinique Bistro & Dick and Jenny’s

Years participating: 2nd

Can you tell us what you’re cooking this year:  "We are partnering together to do something really fun inspired by our restaurant owners new connections in Houma"

What are you most excited about this year: “The growth of the event. We loved to see the incredible array of options that all the chefs made last year. The chefs really bring it with their dishes and I know this year will be even better.”

Favorite Ethnic Cuisine & where do you get it?

Nat- “Right now I love Mexican at my buddy Dave’s place, Del Fuego on Magazine Street”

Eric- “Noodle & Pie down the block”



You can find more information about Chefs Eric & Nat on their bio pages! And don’t forget to get your tickets to Emeril Lagasse Foundation’s Boudin, Bourbon & Beer at

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