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Johnson & Wales NOCCA Scholars

Johnson & Wales University, a longtime partner of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation Culinary Arts Studio at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, recently awarded scholarships totaling $122,000 to students interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts.

The scholarships were announced during the recent annual Emeril Golf Classic that took place Sept. 20-22. In 2003, Johnson & Wales University partnered with Chef Emeril J. Lagasse '78, '90 Hon. to create the unique event dedicated to making culinary education more affordable. Since then, the Emeril Golf Classic has become a signature university event that benefits the Emeril Lagasse Endowed Scholarship Fund.

A unique four-year high school program for aspiring chefs, NOCCA’s Culinary Arts program was developed in collaboration with the Emeril Lagasse Foundation and supported by JWU’s College of Culinary Arts, which created the first-of-its-kind curriculum for high school students. NOCCA has been a beneficiary of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation since 2006.

Two scholarships were awarded to NOCCA students during this year’s event. The 2015 NOCCA Scholars are:

  • Chayil Johnson '16 (Culinary Arts, Charlotte) - “Both of my mentors, Chef Dana Tuohy and Chef Emeril Lagasse, attended JWU. Their guidance and professional success influenced my decision.”
  • Lauren Pedeaux '18 (Baking & Pastry Arts, Providence Campus) - “What really attracted me to JWU was the fact that they teach the ‘art’ of pastry, not just desserts in mass quantities.”

Emeril Lagasse Foundation is proud to have sponsored this worthy cause and event!

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