Backstage Boudin Broadcast: Meet the Chefs

Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer

We're back this year with the Backstage Boudin Broadcast! We'll be featuring some fun facts from this year's newest additions to the Boudin, Bourbon & Beer lineup. Meet the chefs below!

Backstage Boudin Broadcast: Meet the Chefs

Monday's "Backstage Boudin Broadcast" features Chef Phillip Lopez of Root, Square Root and Root Squared (try saying that three times fast!) in New Orleans. This will be Chef Phillip's fourth year participating in Boudin, Bourbon & Beer- he participated for the first time in 2011, the same week they opened Root in the Warehouse District! Check out his quickfire interview below.


Chef Phillip & team at Boudin, Bourbon & Beer 2013.

Name: Phillip Lopez

Restaurant: Root & Square Root

Years Participating: Fourth

Can you tell us what you're cooking this year?: TOP SECRET!

After traveling on the road for a long time, what is the first thing you crave when you get back home?: Pasta. I have a pasta maker at home & it's very easy to make fresh pasta. I end up making tons because I'm so used to restaurant portions!


Check out Chef Phillip's bio page for more! And don't forget only 6 days left of pre-sale for Emeril Lagasse Foundation's Boudin, Bourbon & Beer. Get yours today at!


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Champions Square
New Orleans
6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
This event is for adults 21+