Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer
Jacob Cureton

Atchafalaya, New Orleans

Executive Chef Jacob Cureton of Atchafalaya Restaurant. Cureton is a New Orleans native with over a decade of culinary experience in the hospitality industry. He got his start as a line cook at La Cote Brasserie in New Orleans and his passion for cooking evolved during stints at various restaurants in the south. After spending a few years in Alabama, Cureton moved back to New Orleans where he worked at Stella!, Emeril’s Delmonico, Cuvee, and Annunciation. Jacob likes to create dishes that pay homage to the nostalgic classics of his childhood, while sourcing the freshest local ingredients.

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Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer


Champions Square
New Orleans

6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
This event is for adults 21+

Tickets on Sale July 1