Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer
David Barbeau

Atchafalaya, New Orleans

Chef David Barbeau was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin by his loving parents, Mary Ellen & Fran Barbeau. One of his earlier and most notable positions as Executive Chef was held at the Whistling Swan Inn & Restaurant in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. After moving from Wisconsin to New Orleans, he has spent the past ten years living in the Irish Channel. He continued his culinary career as Chef de Cuisine of Toups Meatery & Toups South and is currently the Executive Chef of Atchafalaya Restaurant.

After two decades on the line, he believes all of his life's philosophy can be described metaphorically through food. A huge part of his culinary ideals begin with sourcing food from local, sustainable farms & gardens. He believes that when you start with humanely raised & naturally grown, quality ingredients then all you have to do is the little steps in cooking to enunciate their natural beauty. It is through these beliefs that he and his staff develop & source their menu at Atchafalaya.

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Carnivale du Vin Bourbon, Boudin and Beer


New Orleans

6 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.
This event is for adults 21+